Everything taught in BudTrainer's Home-Growing Academy is to be used strictly with LEGAL hemp. We condemn any production of illegal plants. It is your duty to ensure you are complying with your local laws.

BudTrainer's Home-Growing Academy

Joint with cannabis flowers on top of a magazine and a cannabis leaf
Hemp History

Where Did Hemp Come From? A Spiritual, Medicinal, & Biological History

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Cannabis plant trained with the BudPots fabric low stress training pots and BudHuggers garden ties
Plant Training

How to Train Your Plants for Maximum Yield - Complete Guide and Science

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Cannabis plant branch structure on week 3 of flower trained with a manifold technique

How to Manifold Your Plants Like a Pro

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Flowers from a low stress trained cannabis plant during flowering stage at week 8.

How to Low-Stress-Train (LST) Your Plants: The Best Online Step-by-Step Guide (w/ pics & videos)

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