Sell BudTrainer, Risk Free

Here is why BudTrainer™ is the best brand to carry in your store:

BudPots Stacked Display in a store
  • 40% GROSS MARGINS on all BudTrainer™ products
  • 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on unsold stock
  • 12-MONTH WARRANTY on all products, handled by us
  • BANNERS, STICKERS, & SIGNS to help you sell at retail
  • COMPLETE DIGITAL MEDIA KIT to help you sell online
  • STORE LOCATOR LISTING to drive customers to you
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MENTIONS to grow your following

Available in Canada & Australia Only at Our Exclusive Distributors

Shipping & MOQs

Our MOQs are as low as 10 or 12 units of each product, with shipping rates and discounts varying by product type and quantity. Plus, we ship worldwide to make our innovative products accessible to every home grower!

  • Order 48 BudClips and get FREE Shipping
  • Order 96 BudHuggers (48/size) and get FREE Shipping
  • Order $1,000 of anything and get FREE Shipping
  • Order the Starter Bundle and get Free Shipping (see above)
  • Otherwise, shipping costs no more than 10% of the order

To place an order:

Fill out the form, or
Text +1(647)909-4183, or