The Strongest & Most Versatile LST Clips in The World

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Two packages of BudClips low stress training lst clips
LST clips for your lanky sticks!

  • Super Easy to  Train
  • Lasts For 10+ Years
  • 100% Recycled Plastic
10+ Years

The BudClips are Solid & Last Over a Decade

Universal Fit

The BudClips fit on any branch up to ⅜" thick

2 Weeks

Is all it takes for your branches to solidify

BudClips sold around the world
Train Your Plants & Increase Your Yields With The BudClips™ 
Cannabis plant with 8 BudClips lst low stress training clips
Plant Training. Made Easy.

The BudClips make plant training fast & easy by removing the need to tie your branches down. That's right! You can train up to 20 branches in less than 2 minutes with the BudClips.
7 students with lab coats inside the cannabis bunker at Niagara College
By Legal Cannabis Experts.

Designed by engineers with a commercial hemp production background, the BudClips to work with plants at any stage of growth - from young seedlings to flowering plants.
Cannabis manifold stalk after the BudClips were removed
The Strongest Branches.

The BudClips work by permanently bending your branches into position, opening up your canopy to more light exposure and airflow, and creating extra strong stalks.
The BudClips are made to last 10+ years of intense use
Why Are The BudClips Special?
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Reusable & washable for over 10 years
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Thinnest & strongest  design in the market
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More canopy area airflow and light
BudClips LST low stress training clips side by side on a white background facing down
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Fast & easy to train for beginners
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Reusable package for storage
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For use on young or older plants
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reuse my BudClips?

Absolutely! The BudClips are made to last for over 10 years of use and reuse. Just wash them with ethanol in a sink after every use, and they are good to again!
Why do LST clips increase yield?
Low Stress Training Clips help increase the canopy area of your plants, which in turn promote more airflow and light exposure, both of which contribute to higher levels of photosynthesis. The more you can "space out" your plants, the more they will yield. 
How many BudClips do I need?
It depends on how many plants you want to grow.

1-2 plants    -   1x BudClips 20pk
3-4 plants   -   2x BudClips 20pk
5-6 plants   -   3x BudClips 20pk
7-8 plants   -   4x BudClips 20pk
Do the BudClips come with a warranty?
Yes, all BudTrainer products are supplied with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. In the event of product failure or malfunction, simply return it to us and we will replace it for you. Visit our Shipping & Returns page.
What if I break a branch while training?
Don't worry! Branch breaks happen all the time, and if you can't recover it, it means your plant will allocate more energy elsewhere (so it's never a waste).

However, if there is still time, here is what you do:

1. Add a drop of honey or sugar water to the exposed wound. This will help it heal.
2. Tape the broken branch together, ensuring that both broken parts are fully touching.
3. Don't tape too tight or too loose - just enough to hold it in place for a few days.
4. For best results, enclose the broken part of the branch in a plastic bag  to maintain a high humidity environment until the plant heals back.
What is the time limit for returns?
For a full refund, items must be postmarked within 30 days of delivery free of dents, scratches, damage, and with the original packaging. Any items returned outside of the return policy will be for store credit only.

Order before 2pm EST and we will ship your package within 48h.

Canada & US: If you chose the $9.90 shipping over $50 or FREE shipping over $150, it should take 5 to 7 business days for the package to arrive. If you chose expedited shipping, it should take 2 to 3 business days. These estimates vary based on time of the year.

International: Please check the estimates during checkout.


Everything taught and sold by BudTrainer is to be used strictly with LEGAL hemp. We absolutely condemn the production of illegal substances, and it is your duty to ensure that you are complying with the law.

These products work great with the BudClips!