The BudCups™ maximize root growth and reduce transplant shock with a patent-pending mechanism that provides extra drainage and allows gardeners to transplant with the pop of a finger.

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Patent-Pending Design

More Drainage. More Roots.

The conical bottom plate, the runoff cutouts, and the raised edges allow for the best drainage - preventing root rot and promoting root growth.

Patent-Pending Design

Transplanting. Made Easy.

With the pop of a finger, you can have your plant transplanted into its final container. No transplant shock, no mess. Only happy roots.

Did you know the BudCups were invented to solve an environmental problem?

We initially invented the BudCups to make it easier for washing it, thus encouraging people to stop using disposable containers. True story. The BudCups have no holes or sharp edges to make it easy for you to throughly wash it.

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