How it all Started

Born and raised in Brazil, H grew up in a coffee farm and spent his childhood running around coffee trees and herding cattle. When he was 18 years old, however, his family had the opportunity to move to Canada, and against family tradition, they packed their bags and immigrated.

While in Canada, H got a university degree in mechanical engineering and then worked as an entrepreneur and business advisor for 6 years, learning how to create and launch exciting products and services.

Love of Cannabis

H first consumed cannabis at a house party in Canada, and he couldn’t believe how good this "illegal plant" made him feel. Within a few years this party habit turned into a nightly 7pm toke with his best friend, and a few years later into a daily morning ritual. As an ADHD person, cannabis has always helped H relieve stress and axiety, while staying more focussed.

However, this created a serious problem. Consuming cannabis daily got expensive, and the quality of both legal and illegal weed was very unreliable.

Henrique standing beside a cannabis plant grown outdoors and taller than him

Growing at Home

That’s why 3 years ago H started growing his own plants at home. He read dozens of blogs and watched many videos on growing weed, but contrary to his expectations his first results weren't nearly as good as he had expected. While disappointed, this wasn't enough to deter him.

H abandoned his career as a business advisor and went back to college to get a post-grad degree in commercial cannabis production. He graduated in 2021 with a 4.0 GPA, and was finally able to grow top-shelf, high-THC plants at home.

cannabis flower full of trichomes and ready to be harvested

The 2 Problems

During college, H realized that he had faced two major problem as a new home-grower.

First, most of what he had learned through blogs and videos was a bunch of BS (bro science), which not only lead him to get his poor yields, but also took weeks of useless research.

Second, most of the gardening tools he had purchased were low-quality and hard to use, which led him to waste a lot of money on products that complicated the process instead of simplifying it.

Grow Like The Pros™

Motivated to solve these problems, H created BudTrainer with a simple mission: to help cannabis lovers become amazing home-growers by teaching them the scientific fundamentals of cannabis cultivation, while making the world's most durable, easy-to-use, and sustainable gardening products.

Corporate Statement

BudTrainer is a designer, retailer, and distributor of innovative cannabis gardening products. BudTrainer’s products are built to meet the unique and varying needs of new home-gowers, regardless of how much gardening experience they have. By consistently delivering high-performing, exceptional products, we have built a strong following of brand loyalists, ranging from serious cannabis growers to individuals who simply value products of uncompromising quality and design. We have an unwavering commitment to design and sustainability, and we are relentless in our pursuit of building superior products for people to confidently grow high-quality cannabis at home.