How it all Started

Born and raised in Brazil, Henrique grew up in a coffee farm that has been with his family for over a century. His entire childhood was spent running around coffee trees and herding cattle. When he was 18 years old, however, his family had the chance to move to Canada, which was an opportunity they couldn't say not to - so they packed their bags and immigrated in 2009. After arriving, Henrique got a mechanical engineering degree, and worked as a product designer and business advisor for 6 years, learning how to create and launch exciting products and services.

Love of Cannabis

Henrique first consumed cannabis at a party, after moving to Canada. He couldn’t believe how good it made him feel. Within a few years this party habit turned into a nightly 7pm toke, and a few years later into a daily morning ritual. Today, it's part of his life. However, this creates a problem. Consuming daily cannabis gets expensive, and the quality of retail cannabis is unreliable.

Growing at Home

That’s why 3 years ago Henrique started studying the science of cannabis cultivation and growing his own plants at home. He fell so in love with it that he got a post-grad degree in Commercial Cannabis Production from Niagara College in 2021, learning the science behind growing top-quality cannabis at scale. During college, Henrique applied everything he learned to his own cannabis plants at home. And they got really big, really fast.

Grow Like The Pros™

Growing cannabis is not #rocketscience but it's not #broscience either. If you just follow the fundamentals behind cannabis cultivation, you can get amazing results just like Henrique does. That's why our mission is to teach you the basics of cannabis cultivation while creating cannabis-optimized products that are extremely durable and easy-to-use.