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Understanding and Communicating Effectively with the New Craft Cannabis Home-Growers

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The face of the cannabis home-grower is changing. The journey of cannabis legalization across the globe is bringing a fresh wave of enthusiasts ready to dip their toes into the world of cannabis cultivation. These new growers aren't looking for a quick and easy crop, they're dedicated to the art of cultivating premium, home-grown, craft cannabis. In this blog, we delve into understanding this emerging demographic and how to effectively communicate with them.

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The New Craft Cannabis Grower: A Profile

Passionate and Invested

The new home-grower is passionate. They relish the process of planting, nurturing, and harvesting their own cannabis plants. They view cannabis cultivation as an engaging hobby, not just a means to an end. For them, the satisfaction derived from producing their own premium cannabis, the joy of interacting with their plants, and the thrill of learning new techniques outweighs the convenience of purchasing commercially-grown cannabis.

Discerning and Knowledge-Seeking

New craft cannabis growers are discerning. They see through the 'bro science' that plagues many online forums and instead look for proven, effective products. These growers prioritize learning and understand that good knowledge is the key to a bountiful harvest. They are quick to adopt innovative tools like BudTrainer's BudClips that simplify and enhance their gardening experience.

Law-Abiding and Responsible

These are not your stereotypical covert 'basement growers.' They waited patiently for legalization and now that it's here, they are ready to embrace this new hobby openly and responsibly. Gone are the days of euphemisms and code words like "tomatoes" - these growers are proud of their craft and unafraid to seek and share advice about cannabis cultivation.

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Communicating with the New Craft Cannabis Grower

Understanding this new breed of cannabis grower helps us tailor our communication strategies effectively.

Empathy and Respect

Recognize their passion for cannabis cultivation and the hard work they're willing to put into their hobby. Communicate with them respectfully, acknowledging their dedication to growing high-quality cannabis at home.

Authority and Trustworthiness

Present your information in an authoritative, reliable manner. New growers are looking for trusted sources of information. By showcasing your expertise, like we do at BudTrainer's Home-Growing Academy, you build credibility and trust.

Clear and Concise Language

Cut through the noise and 'bro science' by providing clear, straightforward information. Avoid jargon and complicated terminology – the simpler, the better.

Interactive and Engaging

Make your communications interactive and engaging. Use platforms that encourage conversation and knowledge-sharing. Remember, the new craft cannabis grower isn't afraid to ask questions and share their own experiences.


Personalize your messages. Understand the unique needs of your audience and tailor your communication accordingly. Don't send one-size-fits-all type of messages.

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In conclusion, the new craft cannabis home-grower is an engaged, responsible, and discerning individual who views cannabis cultivation as more than just a hobby. By understanding and effectively communicating with this audience, we can foster a community that cherishes the art of home-growing and appreciates the shared passion for premium, craft cannabis. Together, we can nurture the growth of this exciting new wave of cannabis cultivation.

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